Catherine is a Psychic Medium who specializes in communication with Spirits.

Since my childhood, I have been able to pick up on spirits, to hear and see the dead.  I was always told it was just my imagination, and later in life, was told I was crazy and sent to doctors.  The fear of not knowing what was happening, held me back in using my psychic abilities for many years.  Happily now, I am able to use these gifts to help and guide people.

I am Canadian, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the winters are cold and we have lots of snow, but the sun is always shining.  Eventually, I moved to Chilliwack, B.C. where the beauty of the mountains still takes my breath away. Like many of you, I have gone through many changes in my life, knowing I am learning with each new experience, no matter my age. At this point, I believe we have most of the answers to our questions, within ourselves.  I continue to do readings and workshops, teaching people and creating awareness that there is so much more out there to learn.  My third and last marriage lasted over 25 years.  I have raised four beautiful daughters and I have thirteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren, all of whom I love and adore.  I was raised Catholic and still use prayer to guide me always, especially through difficult times. Over time I have learned to take the good, the love and values, from all religions. I call myself spiritually religious.

From everything I have done, volunteering at Hospice and the RCMP Victims’ Assistance, I have learned to listen closely and to use my abilities in many different ways.  I have worked with the elderly and am always amazed at how they look at life and death.  I have had the opportunity to work with children, including those with special needs, and have seen how open they can be, with no fear of telling you what they see and know, and with such laughter and freedom to be just who they are.

Some of my most satisfying times have been around animals, volunteering at animal shelters, and of course having my own dogs, cats, and horses around me.  To be there at the birth of baby horses, to feel the joy when that happens, is amazing and so fulfilling. Taking the time to brush and talk to, or walk or ride horses can tell you so much.

At times, I have lived in the country and seen eagles, red tailed hawks, blue herons and wildlife, living freely.  There were horses around me and beautiful trails to explore.  I felt closer to God or the higher-ups as I call them. I use laughter with all that I do. Once again I am on my own, back in Chilliwack. I will continue to be who I am, Spirit Medium Catherine, in the hope that I can give a little light and direction to people when they are confused and don’t know which way to go, to give them hope, knowing that their loved ones don’t just die.  Their spirit lives on!

I hope that this helps you to feel just a small part of who I am.