Spirit Medium Catherine invites her guides and angels to give her information on the people she reads for, as well as connects to loved ones who have passed over. She also gives you hope and awareness that your loved ones are okay and will always be with you after they pass. They may no longer be in physical form but their energy/spirit carries on.

I believe there is life after death our energy does not just die. I am able to hear and feel “I’m clairsentient”, which simply means clear feeling. I feel the emotions and personalities of the deceased. I am also clairvoyant” I can see things as well. I am shown things that help me tell you about your love one. Every reading I do is a bit different. I really don’t know what will happen, sometimes I am just as surprised as the client. There is laughter, sadness, hurting and pain. But there is clarity and your grief can move into different emotions. If you come with an open mind and love in your heart messages will come. Even the smallest ones make the biggest different.

With an open heart I am always learning and willing to accept new challenges

In this reading I am also able to pick up on your past, present and future. I am here to provide information that will guide you into your future events, in saying that the choice is yours as we all have “Freewill”. It will come but in the end it is your choice as to what you do. I work with my people who let me know things about you. I have felt the love from angels who are always there to help me. Some of the ways my people work with me is through colours and animals I know every animal tells you something. We just have to be open to it.

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Don’t forget to love yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Is someone that can ask for information on things coming up for you and about you. Each psychic works in different ways

Psychic medium readings can be extremely beneficial when it comes to coping with the loss of a loved one—person or pet. While it’s different for everyone depending on their situation, the main reasons why one seeks a mediumship reading include closure, receiving answers, comfort, the ability to heal, and a lessening of grief

It really does not matter how you receive your reading, you will get the same as if you  were with me. I find that people like to at least see the person that is doing the reading but you will get the same answers

YES. I myself love communication. I will start with my information and then you can ask questions, most of the time I have told you already but you may want me to explain a bit more

I have 1hr readings. I like to have my clients  feel comfortable and not rushed. I do 30 min readings but only in group settings

You can get more information under contact on my policy

It tells you of the $50.00 deposit to confirm your date and time

That has to be sent as soon as you decide on the date  

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