Catherine travels holding workshops and lectures to various groups with a sense of humor to get her information out in a positive way.

Your group can also book Spirit Medium Catherine for the following workshops:

Bringing Your Own Abilities To The Surface

I believe there is life after death our energy does not just die. I am able to hear and feel “I’m clairsentient”, which simply means clear feeling. I feel the emotions and personalities of the deceased. I am also clairvoyant” I can see things as well. I am shown things that help me tell you about your love one. Every reading I do is a bit different. I really don’t know what will happen, sometimes I am just as surprised as the client. There is laughter, sadness, hurting and pain. But there is clarity and your grief can move into different emotions. If you come with an open mind and love in your heart messages will come. Even the smallest ones make the biggest different.

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Channeling Spirits & Guides

A spirit channeler is someone who has the ability to channel different energies that can bring spiritual guidance.

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Are Your Loved Ones Still Around After Death

In this workshop Catherine will help you to trust in what you are hearing or feeling. Most of the time they are with you.

This workshop will bring people together that are going through similar things.

Open discussion, Meditation will create a loving energy.

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Changes And Choices

Who Am I

This is an uplifting workshop where we will go within and open up who we truly are.

You are special, you are beautiful, inside and out. Learn to be self-confident in whatever you do.

During this workshop you will learn that sometimes changing one small thing can make all the difference in your life, opening the doors of change.

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Please Note:

Catherine requires a minimum of 10 people when registering for the workshops.

To book Spirit Medium Catherine as a guest speaker for your group, please email for more information.