Hi Catherine:I just wanted to say Thank You very much for my reading on Wednesday, truthfully I was a little sceptical prior to being read, but as you proceeded with the reading I soon realized that you have a very special gift. There were so many things brought forward as you read that were so completely accurate and on point I was shocked. As you mentioned to me there may be a few things that I may not understand or fit at the moment of the reading but would make sense later , and again you were absolutely right. I soon realized, even last night as I was driving another thing you said became clear. So again Thank you so very Much! I wish I could have recorded the reading, but I did write everything down the best I can remember, as there was so much to remember. You have given me a sense of peace for my loved ones, and a sense of happiness and joy for all of them especially for the love of my life who holds may heart, soul and all my love with her. Thank You Dan


When you seek messages, make sure you take the time to see Catherine. I highly recommend. She is a gifted strong intuit for many decades, I went to her a few times and send those who need more insights from the other wise. She was a clear channel for my mother and gives messages sometimes sharing target words or symbols. A must experience. Catherine has a soothing soul and much to share with you. Love you girlfriend, Sanatra, srisanatra.com


I had the absolutely pleasure of meeting with Catherine for a reading. From the moment I entered her space, I felt warm, comfortable and welcome. Once I was settled, Catherine very clearly explained how she does her work, what to expect and made sure I didn’t have any questions. Catherine was able to access many of my family members and provided very specific details that only I would understand. I was in awe of how she portrayed the messages I needed from my loved ones and it was very peaceful and lovely to watch her as she closed her eyes and received the messages I needed. Catherines approach was gentle, empathetic, kind and she gave me an overwhelming feeling of peace. I left feeling refreshed, inspired about my future and full of confirmation and guidance. It was an honour to meet with Catherine! If you have the opportunity to meet this beautiful lady, I couldn’t possibly recommend her more! Thank you for your beautiful spirit, kind heart, warmth and wisdom, Catherine. You have a heart of gold and I could not be more grateful for your amazing gift” Chanelle


Hi Catherine, So much gratitude for your gift to connect with my family on the other side, this has brought great resolve too many unanswered questions! My heart is much more at rest since connecting with you via telephone! Thank You Beverley.


Hi Catherine, I wanted to thank you for meeting with me. I was skeptical of going to a medium to connect with a loved one I had lost. From the moment I met with Catherine, she made me feel comfortable and explained what to expect. She didn’t ask any questions ahead of time. I didn’t give her any information on who I wanted to connect with. She connected to my loved one and was able to give me personal details that only I would know. It was beautiful. I felt calm and relaxed. It was an amazing experience and it gave me so much perspective on everything I was going through. She took her time, she was understanding and the messages I received gave me so much to take away. I would definitely recommend her and will be going back for sure. Thank you again for everything you have given me. Sabrina .


I would consider myself to be an intelligent, well travelled man. Though I am spiritual, I am not indulgent in the rituals of it. What struck me most about Catherine was her air of ease, candor and down-to-earthness. I felt I related to her immediately and that what she offered was not only genuine, but profound. Her reading, her words and her guide’s insights touched me deeply. All of what she said brought tears to my eyes and resolution to my being. It healed 30 years of stuff and released the bonds of pain and suffering. Needless to say, I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation whatsoever.


Hi Catherine, this is Rupinder. I had a reading with you today and that was an amazing experience in my life or u can say one of the best time, I cried and smiled at this time. I feel so relaxed so happy to connect with my love ones and can't thank you enough what u did for me today. God gave you beautiful gift and I still pray god give u everything u want in your life because what u do for people like me that's priceless!!! Thank you so much!!!!!


Sorry it's taken me so long to send you an email to say thank you, but thank you for your help. Since then I feel comfort and relaxed. I get upset but I remember that my father is in a good place. "I had heard about Catherine's ability to reach out to a lost one and was fascinated with what I heard. Then suddenly my dad was taken from us and there was no time for goodbyes or any closure or acceptance. Since meeting Catherine, I feel I have the answers to my questions; questions only my dad could answer. I owe so much to you Catherine. You are truly amazing and talented. Your gift is so special. Thank you so much"


After a recent loss of a loved one I came to Catherine wanting to connect. Well to my surprise Catherine was able to connect with many members of my family who had passed away years ago. It was an extremely special experience for me to know that my loved ones are in a safe place and are happy but are always looking over me. Catherine was able to answer all my questions. This was the first time I had met Catherine but the amount of love she has to offer makes you feel like you have known her forever. She truly is an amazing person who just wants to help people heal. My session with Catherine has helped tremendously in my grieving process. Hervinder Bains, Surrey BC


My mother in law passed away last year. My husband was devastated. It all happened so quickly he didn't get a chance to talk to his mom about important things that he wanted to. At our session Catherine was able to give us messages from his mom. It was amazing! We were astounded at the things that came up in the reading. Important life events and even names. This session definitely helped my husband to heal and know that his mom is doing just fine on the other side. Thanks Catherine.


We just wanted to say that since we met you a few years ago you have truly been an inspiration to us. You have an amazing gift and we are blessed to have you in our lives. Not only are you open with us and get us connected but we feel the positive energy flow each time. Who other than you would be available and answer our calls at all hours and always have the answers we are looking for. Thank you for giving us strength and encouragement to continuously move forward. We just want to say thank you for everything. Sincerely, Girlfriendz Studio 7 Inc.


My friend referred me to Catherine, and at first my husband and I were extremely skeptical about this whole situation. At around 5 minutes into the reading I was amazed at how accurate Catherine was. She connected me with my father and mentioned a few things that I had been doing during the week. Catherine had amazing accuracy during the reading. The experience was surreal and I felt extremely content with how Catherine explained certain details with almost scary accuracy. Catherine is extremely gifted and helped me understand myself better while giving me a sense of peace after the reading. I did not give Catherine any details about my life, and this fact really turned me into a believer. Thanks Catherine!


How I reunited with Catherine was convincing enough she is a true spiritual medium. I met Catherine in 2007 at a small workshop that she was facilitating. However my life got busy and I couldn't be in touch with her since then. In 2013 winter, I had an urge to meet a spiritual medium so I looked for her information and found her website. While, I was procrastinating to contact her for about 6 month, Catherine phoned me out of no where! I was very surprised to hear from her as I didn't even think she would remembered about me from 6 years ago. I was sure she must have sensed that I was trying to reach out to her. I was convinced that I was guided to meet her again. I have many people passed away in my early age. During the spiritual reading session, she received many messages from those people. The messages were very specific and things that she wouldn't have known. Catherine's reading was comforting, inspiring and healing. She also taught me about the psychic medium and I am entirely grateful to have her as a mentor. I am a Reiki teacher and sensitive for good & bad energy. I can see Catherine's kind, casual, down to earth energy. Healing through her words will help a lot of people jikidenreikiwithmari.com


Your new web sight is great!! I tell everyone how great you are, and my daughters do also. When I first met you my brother had just passed. I was lost, worried about what really happened to him. You helped me so very much. Just knowing he did not suffer and he safely arrived on the next plain. I am forever grateful to you.


After loosing my Brother and Mom I was so lost and confused and couldn't understand why life was so difficult??? Meeting Catherine and doing a reading was the best thing ever, she connected me to my loved ones and assured me they were fine and were always with me and guiding me. Catherine is truly "Gifted" and incredible at what she does. She is very accurate, informative and uplifting. My personal experience with Catherine has been phenomenal and unbelievable. She has truly changed my life and has guided me in ways that have made a huge difference in my life and my attitude towards life. She has awakened the spiritual aspect in me and showed me to "BELIEVE" in everything we do, as we are the key holders to our own treasures. Thank you Catherine... God Bless.


Hi Catherine, I hope you had a nice drive home yesterday after the workshop! I wanted to just say thank you so much for bringing my 2 little girls to me. I cannot describe the feeling that I walked away with after that. It brought so much joy and comfort knowing that my little babies are with me all the time. A mere thank you is not enough. I also have been thinking about the color red that was screaming around me- and how you mentioned stuff about strength-at the time I wasn't quite understanding it-I have been thinking about it since yesteday, and all morning today. and I can see what you were trying to tell me. I do need to work on the word "NO" to people...LOL.. I look forward to seeing you again, and would love to make an appointment to talk again.


I have seen Catherine many times over the last 9 years. It is so hard to put into words how she has helped guide me to a new career and gave me the courage to make the change. When I am feeling "stuck" or "stagnant" or knowing that there is something more I need to do....I go see Catherine. I leave feeling that I have better insight in my journey and it gives me that little push to move forward. She has told me many incidents that have come true, some didn't make any sense until it happened. She has connected with my beloved pets that have passed away, and described their habits, so you know that it is really them that she is connecting with. She also has told me names from my past and what happened which I found truly amazing. Even the way Catherine and I met was meant for me to see her and have her give me that helping hand. It is truly a small world sometimes or maybe our guides just make it seem that way!


When I met Catherine in 2001, I did not know who she was or what she was capable of. So it was an unexpected delight when she connected to my best friend who had passed away a year earlier. Our relationship has grown very close over the years and I am constantly impressed by her warmth, her caring, and her uncanny abilities.


I met Catherine many years ago after picking her card up at a store in Harrison Hot Springs.Her card interested me therefore I gave her a call. Meeting Catherine was an honor, she is a lovely gentle lady. She took me through a read, telling me about many things in my life. At that time my Grandfather had passed away and she was able to connect with him for me. I found that comforting knowing he was resting and safe. There were many things she was able to share with me that day. Through out the years we have continued to connect and she has read for me. I have always found Catherine to be very precise and wise and helpful in her readings for me. She has a very special talent and fun way that she delivers her information. I feel anyone would be honored to share in a session with Catherine.


It is one of life’s greatest challenges to loose someone that you love. Even although my mind knows they are gone, my heart continues to search for them. Reason and logic matter nothing to my spirit’s endless search for the part of me that went with them. Questions about the “after life” the assumption that to try a medium must be some form of strange belief manifested to deal with the crippling pain of grief. Questions and assumptions that people who are grieving are vulnerable to “pretenders”….I know I’ve been through it all. The ache in my soul drove me to make the call. That is why you are on Catherine’s web page, you are seeking who is lost to you. I doubt that you will be disappointed with Catherine’s reading. She will tell you upfront if she does not get anything. If she does, the messages will be there for you. She told me that an “older gentleman” died of heart valve problems. I just couldn’t think who it was!!! The next week I called my mother in Scotland and she informed me that my uncle (my father’s brother) had passed away because the valves in his heart stopped working. That was only one incident in the reading there were more. Catherine’s readings are that of a clairvoyant, she is a messenger, a transmitter of some sort that can tune into those that have crossed over. Expect the unexpected and you will see that, the one or ones that you have lost, are just as desperate to talk to you as you are to them. The accuracy gave my broken heart, wounded spirit and aching soul confirmation that they are ok ..and safe.. and there. That is why I am on Catherine’s web page today. I know she can help you.


As I settled in with my tea and blanket on the very comfy couch I knew that this experience with Catherine was going to be a good one. I felt very at ease and comfortable in her home as she greets you with such warmth and positivity. I came to Catherine because I felt that I needed closure in regards to the passing of my Mother. She passes when I was very young. I carry a great sadness with about her passing. Luckily I was able to connect with my mom as well as other relatives and a dear friend. I did however leave without closure but a sense of comfort. I am unbelievably grateful that I was given the comfort rather than the closure as I believe that I will be able to replace the sadness I have been hanging on to with this feeling of comfort. I also felt that I left with more self-awareness and some guidance surrounding my life and health. This was an amazing experience and I appreciate what Catherine was able to contribute to my being and my story.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I had a great experience with Catherine, the reading was truly amazing and very accurate. I found that it has helped me with my life and the decisions that I had to make for my future and my family. I liked the fact that I was able to take notes and I could refer to them as things in my life have changed… it was very emotional for me but well worth it, I would definitely recommend Catherine to others who are looking for guidance through her and her people…..


I have had three readings with Catherine, so far and have been amazed every time. She is very precise and and bang on. I look forward to every reading. I have gotten to the point sometimes where I feel I need her to make it, and everytime she makes my world brighter. What a fabulous gift! All I can say is THANK YOU, thank you for being you and being able to do what you do.


When I first had a session with Catherine I was absolutely astounded by what she know about me and what was going on in my life. I have been to many psychics before but I have to say I had not experienced such accuracy until I met with Catherine. I was going through a very challenging time in my life when I met Catherine and she really helped me through this tough time with her abilities to connect to my loved ones who have moved on. She helped me understand the cycles of life and not view loss as a negative. It was incredibly healing for me. Because I believe in Catherine so much she is the only psychic spirit medium I would recommend for anyone wanting an accurate reading, as Catherine is the real deal, so incredibly gifted. She really has helped change my life view on life for the better. I have many friends and family members who tell me to this day how many things Catherine told them turned out exactly as she predicted.


Dear Catherine, I wanted to express my gratitude for meeting with me a few days ago. Though I was eager to meet with you, I was anxious and I must admit, somewhat skeptical. I didn’t need to be, your testimonials are so very accurate. You did not know anything about me or my loved ones and yet you described them (living and deceased) perfectly, both in what they were showing you and in their personality. I can’t tell you how surprised I was by your knowledge, information and accuracy. You have provided me with great comfort. I look forward to seeing you again.